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how much does he love bright eyes


ginny drove me to work every night this week. sometimes she picks me up, too! at six in the morning! when she comes in i am always drinking with ryan and i know immediately when she walks through the door because he goes from talking a mile a minute to staring silently and intently at the tv.

are those the faces he makes

they are. he does. it is

im going to delete this in a second because it is horrifying but until i do please watch it and know that this is an actual dude that i had sex with

i texted him back and he asked if i could come in right now because the busboy didn’t show up and like, lol

did he find my blog

the kitchen manager called me and i just stared at my phone in horror until it stopped ringing

my rapist was once quoted in a newspaper article as “an Olympia anarchist”


I really wanna be able to tell people who care that yeah, it’s worth it to stand up to shitty punks, to stick up for your friends at all costs, to just disagree out loud with popular punks. i wanna, but I also have to say that you’re gonna be harassed, you’re going to lose friends (maybe the majority, maybe all except the ones you stick up for), you’ll stop going to shows and every day it’ll be more difficult to reach out to people you hope will understand. you don’t even explicitly ask people ‘hey did you think that was fucked’ you just assume they’re gonna say no and you never talk to them again.
maybe it is better to not say anything and at least feel ok leaving the house. because people will definitely always truly choose punk and bands and resources over people who aren’t able to offer them anything but friendship.

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im not punk and im telling everyone

You have to be clever to figure out how to be welcoming and defensive at the same time. When to love something and when to quit.

Toni Morrison

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an actual sample of my coworkers’ names


toast, whiz, patches, babe

also roach!

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almost every time i misread “dishpit” as “dipshit”

i don’t think you’re misreading it

ryan has been working at least twelve hours a day this weekend and he’s worn the same shirt the whole time, he walked past me in the dishpit smelling overwhelmingly like fries and stale pall malls and whiskey and i was overcome with self-loathing for how attracted i am to this actual teenage dirtbag

Jenny Holzer

Jenny Holzer

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